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Geneseo Approves Permit for CST Tower

April 12th from the Dispatch-Argus

GENESEO – Aldermen on Tuesday approved a cell tower permit for the location sought by Central States Tower at 504 E. Exchange Street, but the final lease will come back to the council for additional action.

The company is seeking the tower on behalf of Verizon Wireless to accommodate data capacity. The council has been discussing the matter off and on since last summer.

The motion to approve the permit was made by Ald. James Roodhouse, who noted the city had bought the East Exchange Street property with the plan to build a 100-foot monopole there anyhow.

“My thought is, minimize the damage and have just one tower go there,” said Mr. Roodhouse

The council, with two newly seated members, approved the permit in a 6-2 vote with new aldermen Brenda Johnson, 3rd Ward, and Kent Anderson, 4th Ward, voting no.

Before the vote, Ald. Johnson noted 246 people signed an online petition against a tower in central Geneseo. “I’d like to remind everybody, what do the citizens want too,” she said.

The permit was approved with a maximum lease period of 30 years rather than the proposed 55 years. The maximum height will be 165 feet, which is what Central States sought to accommodate up to four cellphone carriers. The city will be permitted to have its meter-reading equipment at the lower 100-foot height and use Verizon’s frequency.

City staff will try to iron out issues with the company such as exact location on either rear corner of the property and whether the tower might be painted.

“Someone’s going to come to us wanting to put it on their property, and we’re going to go through this again,” said Ald. Sue Garlick, resigning herself to a vote.