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Less than One Year Since Reversing Course to Avoid Litigation, Appleton Denies Another Tower.

In July of 2015 the Village of Appleton Wisconsin avoided litigation and reversed course, by voting 10-3 to approve a Central States Tower application to construction a tower on Wisconsin Avenue. The Council had voted two weeks earlier to deny the tower.

On June 16th, the City Council again voted to deny zoning approval for a tower, this time located near Kesting Court and Northland Avenue, despite warnings from City Officials that \"the law isn\'t on Appleton\'s side\".

Alderman Jeff Jirschele offered his sympathy to the neighborhood and lamented how the state set the course for municipal votes. Still, he urged his peers to consider the larger picture and the prospect of wasting tax dollars.

“If we intend to cast a symbolic vote, we are using other people’s money to do it,” he said.