In-Building Wireless systems are expected by high quality commercial tenants and a necessity in many other types of facilities such as hospitals, hotels and educational institutions. As wireless applications continue to evolve, indoor networks capable of supporting wireless applications ranging from security to data transfer to communications will be on every building user’s “must have” list.  DAS systems capable of supporting commercial wireless carriers’ networks will be a key component of those systems.

Small Cell Networks are comprised of a series of low-powered antennas or nodes, connected via fiber optic cable.  They provide quality wireless coverage to dense population areas; specifically urban pedestrian areas, campus environments, entertainment parks and other gathering venues. They are usually attached to infrastructure such as light poles or other street furniture, making them more discreet.  Because they are connected to fiber, they can handle huge amounts of data at very high speeds.

Neutral Host Systems refers to infrastructure, whether in-building or an exterior small cell network, comprising a single, shared solution providing access to current and future wireless service providers.   In an increasingly wireless dependent world, quality service and speed is an expectation, but in order to meet these expectations, massive amounts of infrastructure is required.  A neutral host system minimizes this infrastructure.

CST CORE designs and develops turn-key wireless solutions which meet property owner’s need for service as well as carriers’ coverage objectives. We have relationships with all national and regional carriers and manage all aspects of planning, design, installation and maintenance of in-building and small cell networks, whether it be in-building distributed antenna systems, small cell or a combination of both.


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