Posted on: August 21st, 2018 by Central States Tower

Mobile tower rental business offers are a new form of mass marketing fraud in India. These frauds are unique to the Indian subcontinent. Mass-marketing fraud is defined as fraud committed via mass communication media using the telephone, mail, and the Internet.

“Mobile tower fraud” may be defined as a type of mass marketing fraud with advance fee fraud characteristics, where the central scheme is the installation of a mobile tower in the victim’s property. The victims are lured by the promise of huge rental income. Mobile tower fraudsters are targeting individuals of all ages and demographics. With the telecommunication infrastructure booming in India to meet the socioeconomic requirements of the country, mass marketing fraudsters have seen a criminal opportunity in it.

Please be advised that Central States Tower does not do business in India and will never solicit a fee from a landowner in order to consider development of a tower on that property. If your property is located outside of the United States and you are contacted by an individual claiming to represent Central States Tower, please obtain their contact information and notify your local authorities.


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